Mason’s Modern Nursery Reveal

Trendy Modern Indie Baby Nursery

Better late than never (they say). In less than a week my baby will be one. I just can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I’ve definitely been a busy mama. So busy in fact, that I’m just NOW posting Mason’s nursery reveal! I’m so excited to share this with you. Who says nurseries for boys can’t be fun? I will be honest- I am definitely not into the standard elephants or jungle themed nurseries. I wanted something unique and different. A fun, tranquil place that Mason can be a little boy in. Welcome to his humble abode…

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery17

When deciding on colors, I wanted something soothing and classic, so when he gets older, it will be easy to redecorate. This granite color was PERFECT. I kind of want my living room this color! The mint, turquoise and silver were perfect accents with this paint selection!

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery1

I had this gorgeous piece custom made by Wild Plum Co. Cassie does such a phenomenal job. I loved this weave so much that I ordered another one for my office. The colors were spot on. Such a cute pattern too!

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery2

As a maker of art prints, nataully, I wanted to create special pieces for Mason. I made this birth statistics print to coordinate with his nursery.

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery3


This jackalope from White Faux Taxidermy was one of the first items I bought for my nursery. I wanted to go with a modern and whimsical vibe. I paired this with a frame that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and spray painted silver. I love how this DIY turned out!

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery4

This silver foil Alphabet Print was also created by yours truly. I have the same one in my older son, Tyler’s, room. He loves going through the letters before bed every night and I wanted the same tradition for Mason.

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery5

I couldn’t resist capturing Mason’s tiny footprint and turn it into a memory via foil print. We all know mom is going to keep this one around after he outgrows it. These are also his very first Freshly Picked moccasins. Best baby shoes ever!

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery6

I wanted something fun to hang behind where he sleeps. This custom banner by Sharp Tooth Studio will remind him to “Dream Big” every day!

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery7

Mason’s nursery  wouldn’t be complete without a Mason jar. I custom colored this to match his decor.  All I did was add about 2 teaspoons of acrylic paint along with a half teaspoon of water, shook it up to coat, and then allowed to dry overnight. To complete the woodland creature “touch”, I purchased some plastic animals from Michaels and spray painted them silver. Quick. Simple. Easy Peasy.

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery8

The final personal touch in Mason’s nursery- a color guide made by mommy to compliment the rest of his room. The piggy bank in this photo is actually the same piggy bank from when I  was a baby. Mine went missing after several moves, but I was able to find the exact thing by scouring Etsy! I loved adding this little touch of nostalgia.

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery9

This is my favorite picture of Mason. He was about 3 months old and bright eyed and bushy tailed at 3am. This picture captures his smily in the most perfect way. This photo was custom framed by Macaroni Frames.

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery10

The first thing I did when I knew what colors I wanted in the nursery was go fabric shopping. I LOVE his crib sheets. I’m thankful to have a very crafty mother-in-law who made several bed sheets, a teething guard and curtains. It added not only a custom, but personal touch to give it the exact look I envisioned.

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery11

With hardwood floors, a rug was a must-have and this shag rug coordinated perfectly. I added a silver Moroccan pouf to make those late night feedings a little more comfortable. Needless to say, when Mason gets tired of it, I won’t complain about finding a new place for it in the house!

Mason's Modern Boy Nursery14

This custom tassel garland is from the one and only Studio Mucci. It’s one of my (and Mason’s) favorite parts. He loves to lay there and stare at it when the fan is on.

There you have it. The place Mason has learned to call home. I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s unique, modern and playful- everything I wanted for his nursery. Hopefully this has served as some inspiration for you boy (or girl) Mamas out there! It was so much fun watching it come together and see Mason enjoy it so much!

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