Need it Now! Small Business Series: Las Bayadas

Need it Now! Small Business Series: Las Bayadas We’re back with our Need it Now! Small Business Series feature after a summer sabbatical and what better company to introduce in the middle of summer than Las Bayadas? Las Bayadas makes THE Mexican Beach blanket. Inspired by the bright, colorful fabrics used to decorate houses in Mexico, the wheels started turning and the perfect beach towel was born! Not only are the beautiful (and functional!), but 10% of each blanket sold supports a scholarship program for local Mexican students. You’ve gotta love companies who give back!

I got the chance to interview the brains behind Las Bayadas to hear their story about their entrepreneurial adventure. Let’s take a closer look behind the scenes of Las Bayadas!

How was the Las Bayadas brand born?

Eight years ago my husband and I arrived in this small fishing village called Sayulita in Mexico, we literally felt in love with the Mexican culture. Living on the beach, we started thinking about the perfect beach towel. We were inspired by a Mexican fabric used to decorate houses, and we started to turn it in a beach towel. We just added colorful stripes to put our colorful and personal touch. Also the environment part was essential for us. Thus, we decided to collaborate with a firm that provides us recycled cotton to make our towels.
What does a day in the life of Las Bayadas?
A day of Las Bayadas is first a day at the beach in Sayulita. Tanning, surfing, reading a book, chatting with friends or simply breathe the Mexican air. A day of Las Bayadas is like its design: simple, colorful and soft!
Need it Now! Small Business Series: Las Bayadas
Where is your favorite place to get inspiration for your work? 
We get inspiration through our different travels, but especially when we travel through Mexico. For us, Mexico is one of the most beautiful country in the world. Its colors don’t cease to impress us, and the simplicity of this country still touch us. 
What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
What we love the most is to create. Create products we like. We like sharing our spirit and values with people that surround us. It’s also giving jobs to people that are always enthusiastic about innovative and oddball products. Also, we work hand in hand with a school in our village named Costa Verde International School. 10% of the profits of each Las Bayadas sold are donating to a scholarship program helping local Mexican children. 
Need it Now! Small Business Series: Las Bayadas
What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced being a small business owner so far? 
Convince people to be part in this crazy adventure. It’s difficult to convince people they can trust us. It’s a challenge everyday, we love our product and we really want to share it with people.
What piece of advice would you give others looking to start up their own business?
Keep motivation and still believe in your product despite problems and difficulties.
What goals do you have for your business? What can we look forward to in the future from Las Bayadas? 
Our essential goal is to continue producing quality and nice products. The best reward for us is to see people wearing our Las Bayadas, telling us they love it, they think it’s a lovely product very useful and convenient. Here is our first goal produce a nice, useful and convenient product. We recognize ourselves in Terence Conran, a designer, when he says “the useful can be beautiful and the beautiful can be affordable”


Need it Now! Small Business Series: Las Bayadas


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