Holidays with Minted

Designing our holiday cards is one of my favorite things to do over during this time of the year. Year to year, I get to watch my family grow and they serve as a moment to not only our friends and family, but ourselves as well. Minted takes holiday cards to the next level. Not [Read more…]

Gift Giving with GODIVA Chocolate

We’ve all been in that situation. You know, the impossible person on your list to shop for? I’m here to tell you that you’re over thinking things. Did you know that one of the most favored gifts is food? You’ve been there…snacking out of your stockings while you’re family opens gifts as you await [Read more…]

Pretty Gifts for the Grad!

One of life’s largest accomplishments is getting your diploma. You pour your blood, sweat and tears money into your degree and there’s such a feeling of pride when it’s all said and done. Let’s be hones-another fun part of the graduation festivities are the gifts! Now, it’s been 8 years since I’ve graduated college, but [Read more…]

7 Must Have Valentine’s Day Gifts

Whether you’re single or taken, everyone enjoys receiving gifts. There is absolutely zero shame in buying your own either – I do this and I’m married, lol. Valentine’s gifts are the cute, unnecessary,and pretty gifts you don’t need but that you put on your “wish list” since no one is going to get you something [Read more…]